About us

We are a family company operating since 1989. We have wholesale and retail sale. We offer deciduous and coniferous plants in containers, plants in P9 for further production and also material dug out of the soil. The flagship products are the varieties 'Smaragd' and 'Brabant' of the White Cedar (thuja occidentialis), not only as a final product, but also for further cultivation.

At the beginning it was a nursery with a narrow activity. We were producing mainly coniferous plants. In order to meet the needs of customers, workery has also introduced deciduous plants, ericaceous plants and grafted on the trunk. In 2002, our nursery changed the location of the headquarters, and the area of it has been increased. Currently the possessions are located in five locations. Main point of wholesale trade and retail is located in Klapka. Our mission is to produce plants quality that meets the expectations of our customers and excellent consulting services. We want to infect everyone with broad sense of gardening - beautiful flora around the house and home gardens can give an extraordinary joy for a human.